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I miss the Bush mob like the Bullas and the 'Whackers. And up here the , Stone the Crows Bush Band are still going strong ... fun music and definitely the Irish lilt to our musical roots ... 

Posted : 27/06/2016 7:59 am
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Gidday Manny.
                      You’ve struck a chord here Mate... With a second name of Patrick, it’s sure to be sure where this old leprechaun roots lie.

Cheers Manny,

Posted : 27/06/2016 6:14 pm
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Yes Manfred, I agree that a genuine Australian Bush Band that can really rock on is lots of fun and can get you up dancing in no time.

Also I might put in a plug for a fun Bush Dance at the Wandin North Community Hall. Melbourne. 20th August. Doors open at 7.30pm $15. Bring a plate and cold drinks. Features the Shearer's Tally Bush Band who are quite good.

As a substitute for the real band thing like Bushwhackers etc, there are a few excellent old vinyl recordings around, if one knows what to chase.  

The Hawking Brothers were my basic introduction to "bush" music after campfire songbooks, although that was really Folk music.  

I guess it becomes bushified when adapted and performed by friendly guys with wierd instruments like a tea-chest bass, gum nuts, aboriginal tapping sticks, gum leaf, spoons, bones and a stick with bottle-caps (lagerphone).  A penny whistle can be played passably with little practice.

The core of the bush band is formed by the standard instruments.. guitar, banjo, fiddle/violin, flute, bodhran, dulcimer, accordian, mandolin, mandola, banjo mandolin.  No restrictions.  Even a slide whistle can be incorporated effectively.  A bouzouki or a wu I have also seen used for effect.

Tip :  The best album ever by a bush band I suggest is "The Black Velvet Band, live at Pentridge Prison".  1978   (if patient it can be bought for $15 upwards.)
If one can get it, it will likely be the best album owned.  So if anyone is really into the bush music scene, keep a look out.

.. anyway...  some of these songs may be familiar

Album Tracklist

A1 Shores of Botany Bay
A2 The ups and downs of an old stockman
A3 Hens March - Four poster bed
A4 Sandy Maranoa
A5 Shearers dream
A6 All for me grog
A7 Man from Kiandra
B1 Drunken Sailor
B2 Arthur McBride
B3 Pete's Polkas
B4 Streets of Forbes
B5 Barry's Jigs
B6 Widgegowera Joe
B7 Black Velvet Band

Posted : 01/07/2016 3:04 pm