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G'day Mel,

The copy and paste situation may produce the corrrect viewable result in Firefox, but it still may not in IE.  I know from a fair bit of personal experience the problems in posting poetry.  Technically speaking, at the end of every line of a verse you require a <br /> (break) and at the beginning and end of the verse you need <p> (open paragraph) and </p> (close paragraph).

Now Firefox is a standards compliant browser, whereas IE is not.  In fact it is the bane of a web site developer's life because you have to hack so much code and formatting to get it to display properly. IE7 is supposed to be better, but one's code is still have to be backwards compatible anyway.



Posted : 13/02/2007 2:11 pm
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... Firefox ( gives us the option of an AUSTRALIAN spell-checker ... a tad incomplete but you can always add werdz ..



Posted : 13/02/2007 3:11 pm
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