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Nariel Folk Festival 2006

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I had the pleasure of spending a night at the Nariel Folk Festival on Saturday, where I played and sang 'til after four in the morning. Absolutely glorious! I could have listened for hours more.

To top it off, Hubby and I took the kids out today for the Concert on the Green where we were treated to some amazing talent and songs. Too much to take in at this point, but my goal is to spend the week camping next time. I'm tuckered out, but my head is still spinning with reels and jigs, ballads and blues.

Check out the history of the Festival here:


Posted : 02/01/2007 5:40 am
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Goodonyer Babe,

Jude and I would love to go up there, but we are still waiting to get our off road trailer. Now that our extension is finished on the house, we can start saving for the more important things in life I trust!!!

Posted : 02/01/2007 5:45 am
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Ric and Babe,

You both know the great experience I have about 6 or 7 times a year when we go to Folk Festivals.

Babe did they have Poets Breakfasts and did you get up? Who was there? Hope you had the pleasure of seeing Greg North. He is brilliant and so is Marco Gliorie. There are many others making the circuit who are absolutely amazing to see perform. This is why I plan my whole year around the National Festival in Canberra at Easter. We get 5 days of poets events. Some are concerts and some are 'walk-ups'. The talent varies from woeful to inspiring and so does the verse. I could go on -- but I won't.

Posted : 02/01/2007 4:40 pm
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The MOTH spent one night and I had the next. School holidays and other committments meant we couldn't take the kids out until the concert, so we did tag team kid minding.

I didn't see Greg North out there, and as far as I'm aware, they didn't have a Poets Breakfast this year, but I know a few of the organisers so I'll check.

I have the pleasure of competing against Greg every year at the Man From Snowy River Bush Festival, as we tend to enter the same events.

The MOTH is planning on making it to the National this year. It's one week before MFSR and it may inspire him in confidence!


Posted : 04/01/2007 7:15 pm
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Yes Nariel Creek folk festival is great and I am glad to know it is still going. 

I was there in 1978.  I recall being shocked on arrival to find some naked maidens bathing in the creek and I wondered what on earth was happening!!  This was supposed to be a folk festival after all..!  haha

..  anyway I played in the Bush Band that had the job of doing the big dance on the oval and I had a ball !

It was night time and as far as you could see there were people dancing. The dust rose from the oval and it was highlighted by the yellow flood lights. It was a spectacular sight from the stage!  and a little scary too I must say.  Had never played to such a huge audience before, and all folkies too, so no room to make any blues there.

In the afternoon our band played a concert spot like all the entertainers, and as part of it I (reluctantly) did a recitation of the bush poem The Murdered Swagmans Ghost, which I think was listened to politely, but really it was jigs and reels and polkas that the crowd wanted.  So we rocked on... 

I know it is an old topic but revisiting that folk music event, even mentally is great. Ah such great memories!  May they never fade  !

Posted : 27/01/2011 5:01 am