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"THINGS I SHOULD BE DOING" – Lyrics and Song (You Tube)

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A good song is seldom a 'solo' affair. I wrote the lyric back in 2009 and cobbled a tune, which I thought fitted.
Allen McMonagle heard me sing it and said, "That tune's crap! Give it to me and I'll fix it." (we co-write together regularly)
We sat on the song for a while before presenting it to Justin. Justin had previously recorded another song of mine, "Dream-time Cathedrals". He 'gets' the lyric and does a marvelous job with this. (link at the end of the lyric)
His Album is "Hold on to Love" produced by Matt Fell. 

(c) 2009 - M. Vijars

Driving over red soil plains a wind rose up - I smelt no rain
I saw a dust-storm on the far horizon
Suddenly I'm deep within this great dust cloud the strangest thing
I'd never seen a storm like that before

The dust was thick but there's a glow just up ahead I'm driving slow 
and tried to push on through this eerie weather
I stopped the car to wait a while - I couldn't go another mile,
then heard the strangest sound off in the distance

  The droning of a "Didgeridoo" tone went on and on
  to the ringing of the clapsticks and a chanting song
  Lightning strikes tore up the sky and I was watching mesmerised
  by a dancer keeping time to roll of thunder.

The dancer stopped and came my way, looked like he had much to say
He beckoned me, and started singing
he beat his clapsticks as he sung, a story in an ancient tongue 
Was really strange - I could understand him

    He showed scenes from bygone days those ages long ago
    he showed me scenes of what's to come within that campfire's glow
    when he stopped and wind died down, the dancer slowly turned around
    raised his sticks and vanished in the wind

I sometimes drive that stretch of track - big sky country, way outback
I long for the dust and the roll of thunder
And on those bright and heat-filled days, when a wind comes up I look for the haze
and a dancer keeping time with the roll of thunder

    But the didge is getting fainter and the song is fading fast
    and the Dancer in the distance - I wonder if he'll last
    the scenes I saw in his campfire's glow are forever now burnerd in my soul
    and I wonder if there's things I should be doing
    Yes, I wonder if there's things I should be doing

Here's the link to Justin's performance ...
Justin Standley - "Things I should Be Doing"

Posted : 29/06/2016 4:46 pm