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A Dog Ate My Homework

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Does anyone know the author of this one. I have recently met a great young man of 12 years who is writing rhyming verse. I mentioned this poem to him and he has not heard it. I'd like to tell him more eg who wrote it and when it was written etc.

Posted : 20/06/2009 6:15 pm
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G'day Zondrae

A quick search using google came up with the following poem - I am not sure if this is the one you are looking for. There are likely to be many poems on this subject. It looks like the poem is of American origin, going by the spelling of mom.


John Peel

The Dog Ate My Homework
(c) Sara Holbrook

The dog ate my homework.
You've heard that before?
This one ate the table,
then chewed through the door.

Broke into the living room
with his munch mouth,
snacked on some carpet,
and lunched on the couch.

He chewed up some albums,
then swallowed the mail,
even ate pretzels,
though they were stale.

He garbaged down everything
left in his path
and still wasn't full
when he found my math.

He chewed tops off bottles
then drank all the pop.
As far as I know,
he still hasn't stopped.

If you don't believe me,
then give Mom a call,
if she still has a kitchen
or phone on the wall.

She'll answer and tell you
my story is true.
The dog ate my homework.
What could I do?

from The Dog Ate My Homework;
Boyds Mills Press, 1997

Posted : 20/06/2009 10:43 pm
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Thanks John,

I don't think this is the one I have heard before. It didn't sound familiar at all.  Anyone else with suggestions?

Posted : 21/06/2009 12:17 am