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Looking for poem- Boss bitten by Huntsman, thinks it was a red back.

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 I'm hoping someone can help me locate this poem, it starts off something like

If you listen to me for a while, I'll relate,

the story of a boss and his terrible fate


to show you how bosses react, when the bite is put on them,

in sense , or in fact


and see by one of his veins,

a tiny red spot and a well squashed spiders remains


'It was a Red Back' , said Snowy and no risk,

it was a female for sure and as big as your fist,


any help would be appreciated, cheers.








Posted : 16/12/2020 1:07 pm
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Hi, I haven't been able to find the poem, but I've had a good think about it.

I'm not sure what the title is, but I've called it The Boss. This is as much as I can remember, but there's bits missing. Any help would be appreciated.


The Boss

If you listen to me for a while, I’ll relate

The story of a boss and his terrible fate

Conclusions, if any, are left to you to draw for yourself

But I’ll tell you the tale to show you in the main how bosses react,

When the bite is put on them, in sense, or in fact.


I was working with a bloke, Snowy by name,

Who worked for a fella in the contracting game,

Laying kerbing and gutters up in St.Ives,

Where the country is sandstone

And the funnel web thrives


One day I was working, Snow was up ahead,

Not breaking any records for swinging the lead

Then Snowy stops and puts down his pick

And pulled a tobacco pouch out of his kick

The boss, who had a temper and a bad one at that

Was doing his block at the drop of a hat

Saw Snowy’s makings and called out, ‘You blokes,

I don’t pay you to roll your own smokes’

Well Snowy continued like the boss wasn’t there

Rolling his smoke with unusual care

And lighting it up said, ‘A fine cigarette,

I can’t afford tailor mades on the money I get’.

Well, the boss went beserk, said the dough was alright

And Snowy could pick his up, at the office that night


Then we started back working, but just in a sense,

Feelings what they were and everyone so tense

And the boss, who was wondering whether or not

It would have been better to sack Snow on the spot,

Reasoned that now, all he could do

Was to get up front and start shovelling too


They’d been working up there for an hour or more

Suddenly from upfront there was a huge uproar

We all turn around

There’s Snow and the boss wrestling on the ground

We got them apart, they’d done no real harm

Then Snow says, ‘Boss, have a look at your arm’

We all have a look around and see there by one of the veins

A tiny red spot and a well squashed spider’s remains

The boss, who was shaking, asked if anyone had seen

What species the spider that bit him had been.

‘It was a funnel web,’ said Snow ‘and no risk

It was a female for sure, it was as big as your fist’

Then he whispers to me behind his held hat,

‘It was really a huntsman, but we won’t tell him that’


SOMETHING MISSING- call an ambulance, but drive instead


We threw the boss in the back seat, more dead than alive

I jumped in too , Snow said he’s drive

And drive Snowy did, talk about go

By comparison even Jack Brabham would be slow


And somehow we drove up every dead end

Between St. Ives and Lane Cove, until

Finally , getting on the right track,

We passed the ambulance, on it’s way back


We drove up to the hospital gate

A stretcher was brought, but the boss wouldn’t wait

All red eye from weeping, a terrible sight

All sense of reason given over to fright

The orderly SOMETHING

The boss screaming ‘funnel web, funnel web, save me, I’ll die

Then he rose in the air and fell to his knees

The nurse said, ‘Yes sir, just take a seat please’

And Snowy, to my mind, a trifle overdone

Said ‘have a smoke while you’re waiting boss,

Here, I’ll roll you one’

Posted : 22/12/2020 3:13 pm
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Sounds like a good yarn, but I'm not familiar with it.  Hope someone else here knows of it.

It is indexed on Google, so anyone searching for a piece of it will find your request here.






Posted : 29/12/2020 9:30 am
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Thanks for that Ric,I appreciate you taking the time.

Posted : 04/01/2021 6:56 pm
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