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There is a poem about the outback dunny by Steve Smith(I believe) all i know is that it was track 20 on one of his albums and it starts like this:

Well I was brought up in the the country
At a place called Wedderburn
On the side of the George's River
With the stagg's and the elks and the ferns

Can someone please give me the name of the poem and post the whole poem, I am using for an english assingment and I don't think my dodgey interperation quite does it justice.

Posted : 20/08/2008 6:08 am
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You can find some of Steves poems on this site if you go to the home page. There is one called "The Thunderbox" but couldn't find the matching words from your post

good luck

Posted : 21/08/2008 3:28 am
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Yeah, I thought that it was 'The Thuderbox' cause he goes on about this long drop dunny and goes on to say he was in city at council house with a outhouse out back. He than says he awoke with a fright and sees a shadow past the window, so he takes off in the nude after this man and hits around the ankles and gets covered in exceration cause he was the toilet guy.

Help please anyone?

Posted : 22/08/2008 1:49 am