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   A tale for the young or the young at heart.           

                     BILLY JAMINDJUNG.

Little Billy Jamindjung had now reached his seventh year.
He asked if he could go hunting with a boomerang or spear.
But the Elders of the tribe gave this answer, being blunt,
told little Billy Jamindjung, you’re far too young to hunt.

But Billy had a secret plan to go and hunt alone
to show the Elders how much this little boy had grown.
Holding his trusty boomerang, he crept between the trees.
He had heard them say many times - keep downward of the breeze.

In the middle of the morning - the day was getting hot,
he thought of taking refuge in a cooler, shady spot.
He placed a trap of berries below the branch of a Gum,
then climbed above and waited for a kangaroo to come.

He waited for an hour before a kangaroo did show.
The Roo began to nibble on the berries placed below.
Billy thought he would seize the chance and lob onto its back
while thinking he could stun it and then put it in his sack.

Billy pounced down from the branch - onto its back he landed,
thinking he could hold it and then render it as stranded.
But the Roo sped off like lightning - Billy clung on in fear.
His arms wrapped around its neck – on a Roo he could not steer.

He bounced through scrub and bushland as a jockey on its back -
his boomerang went flying as it jumped an outback track.
In terror, Billy wondered if his final hour was near,
when suddenly, he realized with its ears that he could steer.

Meanwhile, the tribe arrived back home with little from their hunt,
What a disappointing day, said an Elder with a grunt.
A cloud of dust then appeared through the gnarly redgum trees;
Billy still was clinging on as it dropped between his knees.

They all rushed across to Billy, who had worn down the Roo,
something they could not imagine a six-year-old could do.
The elders and the tribe prepared a wood fire for a feast
on the day that Billy Jamindjung rode home a wild beast.

© Harry Harper.

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This topic was modified 6 months ago by Harry Harper
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