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The Map Thief

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The Map Thief

A shadow passed close by my grave,
Stopped and covered my stone,
Blocking the long forgotten warmth,
Of the sun upon these bones.

It lingered longer than the clouds,
That cast their silhouettes,
As they race across this field of stone,
Where dreams drown in regret.

A finger reached and traced the chiseled words,
Written there in gold leaf,
Of a life once lived above the ground,
My life as a map thief.

“He sailed the antipodes of the mind,
Where monsters lurk in the deep,
He tracked them and mapped them,
Into the abyss; this place where he now sleeps.

He felt himself a castaway,
Stranded and alone,
We wait and stay our hearts with love,
For him to sail home.”

I’d never lost my way though,
I stole maps to search my soul,
Then charted the treacherous waters of madness,
The virtues of which I can extol.

But having gone so very far,
Beyond the limits of my maps,
I could no longer read the stars,
And I made a few mishaps.

And now you stand above the ground,
Yes, I know just who you are,
Oh I regret the love I left behind,
And my soul carries the scar.

Posted : 04/03/2008 1:42 pm
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morning Dan,

What a lovely idea. You have expressed this feeling of one, lost, but still loving, and regretting the mistakes of his life. I sometimes, in an old town, we visit the cemetery and read the headstones. The older ones often gave the cause of death. I saw one at Marulan that said "died as a result of a cricket ball to the temple."  :-[
What a sad and happy thing - to go out doing something that you love.

Post more if they are like this. I wish we still had the input of Glenny Palmer as she is a master of metre. I think (I'm not ever sure) you have strayed a little. But then again, unless you are entering a written competition, it is irrelevant.

Posted : 04/03/2008 7:00 pm
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Thanks Zondrae,

I don't know about the art of epitaphs now but I guess there was a time in the past when people spent a good deal of time wandering grave yards so perhaps there was a little more effort made. When I lived in Sydney, I used to love wandering through the grave yard at Coogee Beach. It is in a spectacular location.

On funny epitaphs, I found this one:
Edgar Oscar Earl - England
Beneath this grassy
Mound now rests
One Edgar Oscar Earl,
Who to another
Hunter looked
Exactly like a squirrel.

Posted : 04/03/2008 9:10 pm
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lol, well that was certainly unfortunate,,,,, lol

good poem dan

Posted : 05/03/2008 5:20 am