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You Are Enough

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This write was born from a homework challenge on another forum where we were asked to write a verse with the view to something we might say to our younger selves. I recall a time when as a victim of schoolyard bullying I thought there was no end in sight and no hope for tomorrow-if only I knew then what I know know!

You Are Enough

© Sue Pearce 2022

I’m not old compared to many, though the ticking hands of time
have unveiled a body tired and predisposed
to the customary hurdles; forging aching, creaking bones
and the “Charlie Chaplin Walk” that stands- opposed!
But whatever age is fitting (sixty-eight I hear you jest!)
it’s important that I share this brief with you.
For despite the years encountered, I’m essentially still you
although stronger and much wiser for the view.

I could start at the beginning, but I chose this point in time;
when the tolling of the bell intimidates-
Angst and fear upon the concourse- so unbearable I know
a relentless world where harrowing awaits.
But believe me when I tell you this is just a phase in time
you won’t always be the tyrants call to boast.
For the journeys just beginning, trust these words I tender now
at a time I feel they’re warranted the most.

While you question your existence and the future held in store
for a girl proclaimed as “plain” with “little use”.
You will fail to see the beauty of a kind and humble heart
beating strong amidst the barrage of abuse.
There will come a day, I promise, when the looking glass appeals
to the yet unbridled confidence within
when the mantra now in harness will suspend all disbelief
and allow the self-acceptance to begin;

Know yourself-you are deserving!
Love yourself-no rules apply!
Trust yourself-your dreams are valid!
Spread your wings and dare to fly!
Find your worth-it lies within you!
Persevere when things get tough!
Live a life of peace and balance!
Be assured-you are enough!


Posted : 06/07/2022 12:15 pm
Harry Harper
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Hi, Sue. 

It’s great to hear from you. Many people struggle to obtain self-worth in this critical world, yet, you have covered the subject beautifully. Your write is an inspiration and a joy to read. Thank you for sharing.  

Cheers, Sue. 


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Posted : 06/07/2022 2:13 pm
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Thank you Harry. For so long now I haven't for some reason been able to put pen to paper, something however triggered my muse when this subject arose. As you probably know, writing is not something we can force, it has to come from within, fingers crossed the muse continues. Thank you again for taking the time to read & comment. Hope things are well your direction.



Posted : 06/07/2022 3:22 pm
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