In true love’s gard...
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In true love’s garden...croc

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In true love’s garden...
« on: 16 March 2010, 09:30: pm »

In true love’s garden...

...and should he once again take toil, and so the gardens sow,
he’ll grow ten thousand orchids red in fields of driven snow;
and roses for a garland fair he’ll grow in riven ice,
ford rivers deep, climb mountains steep, pure love the only price;
white daisies tipped with crimson glow shall from hot embers bloom,
and raised aloft in gale swept crofts, long slender yellow broom.
Young snow-drop tips will push through beds of solid hardened steel
and all of this he’ll grow for her, his treasured love genteel.

Posted : 13/10/2016 2:51 am