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[Sticky] Please Read ... Forum Usage

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This is an Australian Bush Poetry Forum.

Bush Poetry is part of our culture and is proudly practiced here.
We are inclusive - not exclusive, so all are welcome.
As we are mostly all adults (somewhat 'mature') sharing our works, we are also "Self-Moderating".
So the only Bulls41t tolerated will be that which is accompanied with Banter (in the true Australian fashion).

Many lasting friendships have been made on these forums.
So join with us and celebrate this Australian craft of Bush Poetry and enjoy each others diverse company.

Again Welcome.

Manfred Vijars
(Forum Admin)

Posted : 20/09/2016 6:58 pm
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Thank you Manny and well said.

The friendships forged through our poetry are precious.  Whilst we may not always agree with each other, as adults we have always enjoyed on occasions robust discussions, without that in anyway reducing the respect and dare I say affection, we have for each other.

Opinions and people will always be different - it has always been that way. We can agree to disagree if needs be and move on.  The wonderful thing about this site and it is rare - is that our members never use the bad (usually quite disgusting ) language that one sees on so many other forums, nor do we get into derogatory name calling ( the use of idiot or bloody idiot if said with love, is acceptable ;D)

All are welcome here - The billy's on, the fire is blazing - you can feel the luuurve.  Pull up a chair and grab a brew, and share some good poetry.  You might have to bring your own chair though, and please do bring a smile and a sense of humour.

Posted : 20/09/2016 7:18 pm
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Good to see you here Greg - you are amongst friends and some of us of course you already know 😉

I see you have already jumped in the deep end and shared some of your work.  Good for you.



Posted : 12/10/2016 6:15 am