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G'day. I'm Ric Raftis

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I started this website back in 1998 or thereabouts, so it's been going a long time. In fact, in internet terms, you could say a couple of lifetimes. It has had a couple of mutations over that time as it has been modernised and the latest version/update was done in November 2020.

I used to do a lot of work in the bush poetry and music space. I have written quite a number of poems, (that appear on these pages), and also several songs. I play guitar, banjo, harmonica and obviously sing as well. That said, I haven't worked in the space for several years, but still continue to maintain this site by request.

I hope this new mutation of the website will prove popular and provide a great resource for bush poets, bush musicians and interested people across Australia.

Posted : 28/11/2020 2:29 pm
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Hi Ric
I'm a Pom who settled in Aus back in 1980, and lived there happily until the tail end of 2007. I played in a bush band and enjoyed hearing the occasional yarn, though I was mostly into the music. Having returned to Blighty to be near my oldies in their dotage, I'm now effectively stuck here for financial reasons and rapidly entering that phase of life myself! I notice that your post, which I'm replying to, is 3 years old and most of the others I've seen are 7, so perhaps this forum is now quiescent, but perhaps people still check in from time to time and might be able to help me?
I used to own a copy of Graham Jenkin's The Bardunya Ballads, which sadly has been long lost in my journeyings. But there's one chapter in the book that has been niggling at me lately, The Ballad of the Blue Lake Bunyip, which I'd dearly love to relate at one or two folk gatherings around me here in Dorset. I can't seem to find a copy of the book for sale, and wondered if anyone here might have any suggestions, or perhaps even know Graham and be able to put me in touch with him? I'd love to own a copy of the book again, but failing that even a copied file of just that chapter would be better than nothing and relieve my niggle!
Can anyone here help?
Thanks in advance if you can.
Tony Troughton-Smith

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