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November challenge - RESCUED

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RESCUED ... Maureen Clifford © The #Scribblybark Poet

I'd kiss him if I knew him, but I don't I'm sad to say,
it hits me when I think of it.  I let him get away
without so much as a thank you - or anything at all,
I was caught  in the moment, and it held me in its thrall.

A van rounded the corner with a cop car in pursuit.
and belted down the street flat chat, doubtless he was en route
to somewhere, but the problem was his excess use of speed
meant right then, at that moment he was headed straight at me.
and my two dogs on the footpath, and one is old and slow
and this bloke  wasn't stopping - and there was nowhere to go.

A  steady hand then grabbed me and pulled me from the path
along with both my furbies - a superhuman task
that saved our lives I know it did.  A fast thinking young bloke
who said 'now sit and hang in there' , a brilliant masterstroke
for my legs were like jelly and my brain had gone to mush
and shock set in and tears began to fall, dribble and gush.

My two dogs both were  chastened to see me so upset
two small bodies pressed close,  trembling.  We sat as the sunset
shaded the sky in mauve and pink and deep indigo blue.
As calm returned, we headed home - For what else could we do?
We asked folks had they seen him, or if they'd witnessed the save.
None had,  but all agreed that we were lucky - he was brave.

Our rescuer had not returned - he was nowhere in sight,
and flashing lights just down the road now flashed an eerie light
of intermittent blue and red - the perpetrators caught.
I'd kiss him if I knew him but my search has come to naught.

Posted : 02/11/2016 5:27 am
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Oh you can take that as a given Neville  ;D

Posted : 03/11/2016 8:44 pm
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Thanks Allan - I'm always up for a challenge - although find the poetic ones easier these days ::)

Posted : 03/11/2016 8:45 pm