Col Wilson

Col Wilson aka Blue the Shearer
Col Wilson aka Blue the Shearer

For a man regarded as not being too short of words, it was difficult to get much of a “bio” out of Blue. Consequently he has sent me an intro Russell Hannah from the Illawarra Folk Club wrote recently

“And of Course there is the Old Reprobate himself, “Blue the Shearer”. Do we have to say anything about Blue. Like Banjo, Henry, Adam Lindsay, and Henry Kendall his poems will outlive him. Every week he sends the ABC ratings plummeting by reciting his weekly verse on air. He is the scourge of politicians whom he dissects with merciless satire, he comments upon the foibles of our lifestyle and no subject is too trivial to escape the cutting edge of the incisive Blue mind.

From fitted sheets to chainsaw massacres, from grandkids to macho men, Blue is in there, making sure that these important things in our lives are never swept under the carpet. Best of all Blue has been down here so often that he regards himself as a local. He is also the official ‘pote’ of the Tripe Club.”

A More Serious Moment From Blue

I have self published eight books, all of which have long since been sold, and I do have another on the computer, but when and if I get round to having it published is still a long way off. (Editor’s Note: Time of writing October 2005)

The only thing I have at the moment is my last CD “Still Whingeing? Absolutely!!'”, and that can be purchased directly from me, Col Wilson 15 Moore Road, SPRINGWOOD NSW 2777. The price, including postage and packaging is $28. Cheques or money orders only, made out to Col Wilson.

UPDATE TO LISTING 6th February 2017

It is with great regret that we have learned of the passing of Col Wilson last weekend. Col died at the Springwood hospital aged 89 years. He will be remembered forever more through his poetry.