Neil McArthur

Neil is one of Australia’s best known comic poets. He lives in Ballarat, Victoria but travels widely as a regular performer. People generally start laughing as soon as Neil walks on to a stage and are still going long after he finishes. Best known perhaps for his great works “The Gay Farmhand” and “Shopping Trolley Rage” among others.

This is the only piece of verse that we have of Neil’s, which he has kindly given permission to publish on these pages. Neil is a very well known bush poet who performs regularly at various venues around the country. He has an excellent selection of books and tapes which include such well known pieces as “The Gay Farmhand”, “Shopping Trolley Rage” and “Grandpa” which are among my favourites. For more information on Neil’s tapes and books, you can email Neil McArthur

You can also visit his website at