Liquid Knowledge

Background: In Australia, beer or alcohol is often referred to by many names. Such as the Amber fluid, Nectar (of the gods) & Lunatic soup amongst many others……………..

I never attended a college,
I wasn’t the type to adhere,
A diploma of infinite knowledge,
I swig from a bottle of beer.

So give me a taste of that mellow,
Old nectar they brew in a can,
And I’ll be a graduate fellow,
And speak like an eloquent man.

There’s a chance you’ve possibly met me,
Or otherwise seen me around,
I lurk where the amber is plenty,
And a suitable ear can be found.

I always have an opinion,
I’m the loudest bird in the coop,
Master of all my dominion,
While sipping the lunatic soup.

I’m commonly known for my candour,
The absolute wisdom I feel,
My humour and poetic banter,
A few empty bottles reveal.

I quote in the fashion of Homer,
Exhort with a natural flair,
And draw on the common misnomer,
That brains can be found anywhere.

© Steven Smith. 11 July 2001.