The Christmas Wish

‘Twas Christmas Eve in ’94, when Santa made a call,
with shining gifts of red and gold, some large and others small.
The presents were for Kate and Anne, aged six, and nearly four.
Instead, he found a pile of toys around the fireplace door.

Beside the pile, a tiny note, in childish writing said:
Dear Santa Claus, I’m sorry, but I had to go to bed.
I really need to speak to you. I need your help you see.
I hope you find this letter by our pretty Christmas tree.

I’m giving back my favourite toys and precious things to you.
I’m giving back my piggy bank and all my money too.
I’m giving back my Barbie dolls, my books and makeup sets.
I’m even giving back Louise, my doll that cries and wets.

You see – this year, I don’t want toys. There’s just one thing I ask.
I don’t know if you’ll help me out, it could be quite a task.
I love my sister, Annie Jay. I love her very much,
but Mummy says that Annie has Loo-kee-mee such and such.

I don’t know how to spell it, but it’s taking her away.
She’s going up to Heaven soon, to watch the angels play.
Mum says that she must go alone. I can’t go with her there.
Why can’t she stay right here with me? It simply isn’t fair.

Who’ll snuggle in my bed at night, when scary monsters growl?
Who’ll sing and make me giggle when we hear the dingoes howl?
And who will be my sister? Who will hug me when I cry-
when my Annie goes with angels up to Heaven in the sky?

I’ll blow a kiss to Annie up in Heaven every night.
I’ll sing to her at bedtime, and I’ll see her star shine bright.
She doesn’t want to go just yet – she told me so today.
If I knew the way to Heaven, I could visit her and play.

She sees the shiny presents stacked beneath the Christmas tree.
She wants to be here Christmas Day to open them with me.
She can’t remember Christmas time, she isn’t even four.
She’d like another Christmas Day, please Santa – just one more.

Mum says that even God himself can’t cure my sister, Anne.
So Santa, here’s my Christmas wish, please help me if you can.
I’ll never ask for toys again, if just one thing you’ll do
… give Annie one last Christmas please . before she’s an angel too.

© by Kym Eitel